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Central Rural Work Conference Held in Beijing “Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Make important instructions Li Keqiang made a request

Xinhua News Agency Beijing12month26By wire Central Rural Work Conference25Solstice26Held in Beijing on August。 ,Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the plenary sessions of the 19th session,Implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,Analyze current“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”The situation and tasks facing the work,Research deployment2022year“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”work。

Before the meeting,General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee、president、 “Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Work and deliver important speeches。 ,Dealing with various risk challenges,Must focus on national strategic needs,Stabilize the basic agricultural market、Do a good job“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”work,Take tough measures,Strong execution,Ensure stable production and supply,Ensuring the stable development of agriculture and rural areas。

,Ensuring the supply of primary products is a major strategic issue,Chinese people's jobs should always be firmly in their own hands,The rice bowl is mainly filled with Chinese grain。Ensuring food security,Everyone has a responsibility,The Party and the government should share the same responsibility and achieve real results。Reasonable layout,Main production area、Main sales area、The production and marketing balance area should be guaranteed、Guaranteed output。The requirements for farmland protection should be very clear,18100 million mu of cultivated land must be worthy of its name,Farmland is farmland,And it must be good farmland。We should practically adjust the structure,Expanding soybean and oilseeds,See the results that can be assessed。To truly implement“Vegetable basket”Mayor responsibility system,Ensure pork、Safe supply of agricultural and sideline products such as vegetables。

,The premise of rural revitalization is to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation,Keep on grasping,Let the people out of poverty live a better life。We should continue to promote the organic connection with the rural revitalization strategy,Ensure no large-scale return to poverty,Earnestly safeguard and consolidate the great achievements of the fight against poverty。“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Leading cadres in the field of work should be improved“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Working skills。

member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee、Premier Li Keqiang requested at the executive meeting of the State Council,We will not relax in the production and supply of grain and important agricultural products,Strictly implement the main responsibility of local food security,Make great efforts to improve grain production,Stabilize the sown area of grain,Promote soybean and oil crop production。We should ensure the supply and price stability of agricultural materials,Arousing farmers' enthusiasm and strengthening field management,Make every effort to ensure a bumper summer harvest。It is necessary to store grain on the ground、Strategy of storing grain in technology,Strengthen farmland protection and quality construction。Comprehensively consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation。We should steadily promote rural development and construction,Improving and perfecting rural governance,Continuous improvement of rural residential environment,Continuously improve rural infrastructure and basic public service conditions。

,it has been reviewed that《CPC Central Committee、The State Council2022Opinions on comprehensively promoting the key work of rural revitalization in(Discussion paper)》。Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee、Vice Premier Hu Chunhua attended the meeting and delivered a speech。

It was noted that,since this year on,Maintain steady progress in agricultural production,The grain output remained at1.3More than one trillion jin,Achievements in poverty alleviation have been consolidated and expanded,Take solid steps to comprehensively promote rural revitalization,Achievements are hard won。Remarkable achievements in agricultural and rural reform and development,Counter opening new bureau、Strain bureau、Played an important role in stabilizing the overall situation。The 20th National Congress of the Party will be held next year,Do a good job“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”work、stable“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”This basic disk,For maintaining a stable and healthy economic environment、The social environment of peace and prosperity is of special significance。Do a good job2022year“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”work, ,Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the plenary sessions of the 19th session,Implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,Adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability,Based on the new development stage、Implement the new development concept、Build a new development pattern、Promote high-quality development,Promoting common prosperity,Adhere to and strengthen the Party's overall leadership over rural work,Firmly stick to the two bottom lines of ensuring national food security and preventing large-scale poverty,Promoting rural development in a down-to-earth and orderly manner、Rural construction、Key work of rural governance,Highlight annual tasks、Targeted initiatives、Effectiveness oriented,Give Full Play to the Role of Rural Grass roots Party Organizations as Fighting Fortress,Push for new progress in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization、New Steps in Agricultural and Rural Modernization。

The meeting emphasized,We should make every effort to ensure food production and supply of important agricultural products,Stable grain area,Vigorously expand soybean and oilseed production,ensure2022The annual grain output is stable at1.3More than one trillion jin。strengthen“Vegetable basket”Mayor responsibility system,Stable pig production,Ensure effective supply of livestock, poultry, aquatic products and vegetables。Implement hard measures for farmland protection and construction,Strict cultivated land protection responsibility,Strengthen the control of cultivated land use,build1100 million mu of high standard farmland。Vigorously promote tackling key agricultural core technologies such as seed sources,Improve the R&D and application level of agricultural machinery and equipment,Accelerate the development of facility agriculture,Strengthen agricultural science and technology support。Consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation,Increase support for key counties in rural revitalization,Pay close attention to improving and implementing the monitoring and assistance mechanism,Strengthen industry and employment assistance,Ensure no large-scale return to poverty。Focus on industry to promote rural development,Deeply promote the integration of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries,Vigorously develop county industry to enrich people,Promoting green development in agriculture and rural areas,Let farmers share more industrial value-added income。We should steadily promote rural construction,Take the improvement of rural residential environment as the starting point,Based on the existing village foundation,Focus on strengthening inclusiveness、elementary、Comprehensive livelihood construction,Accelerate the integrated development of urban and rural areas within the county,Gradually make rural areas have basic modern living conditions。We should strengthen and improve rural governance,Give play to the role of rural grass-roots party organizations as a battleground,Innovate the effective platform carrier of rural spiritual civilization construction,Properly resolve rural conflicts and disputes,Maintain rural social harmony and stability。We should strengthen and improve the Party's commitment to“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Work leader,Implement the requirements of five level secretaries for rural revitalization,Strengthen the guarantee of the elements of rural revitalization。

It was noted that,To learn from all aspects、 “Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Important work description,Earnestly understand the essence of spirit,Grasp the core meaning,Closely combine with specific practice, learn to understand and be practical。We should always follow the Party's basic experience in rural work,strengthen“Agriculture, countryside and farmers”Field style construction,Strive to create a new situation for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization。

State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Council Xiao Jie presided over the first plenary meeting。

Member of the Central Leading Group for Rural Work,every province、Autonomous Region、Municipalities directly under the Central Government and cities specifically designated in the state plan、Comrade in charge of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,Relevant departments of central and state organs、Relevant people's organizations、Relevant financial institutions and enterprises、Comrades in charge of relevant departments of the Central Military Commission attended the meeting。The meeting was held in the form of videoconference,Each province, district and city has its own sub venue。

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