Why do some people think that《Take a desperate gamble》It's a great anti fraud promotional video,But it's not a good movie

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Have you watched any legal education programs?

First of all, the host will introduce。Police interviewed,Briefly describe the case。Camera rotation,Site enforcement Recorder Transfer to the party involved,What is the situation with the parties involved,How were you deceived,The parties involved report to the police,Police force intervention,Even fighting against the victim togetherScammers。last,The police successfully assisted the victim。

The logic of a movie is,The police will introduce it first,Brief description,Telecom fraud is rampant,Don't think you're very smart,High IQ can also lead to being deceived。Camera rotation,On the side of the parties involved,Show the subject1Perthane ——High IQ scammed into northern Myanmar,The victim2Liang Anna——Trapped by friends into northern Myanmar,The victim3Gu Tianzhi——The insider information of gambling football lottery coins was deceived。The police traced a clue to fraud,The police are present at the victim's family、Friend of the victim,With the assistance of one of the parties involved,Get clues and intervene forcefully。last,The police successfully assisted the victim。

Is the creative logic the same。

Site enforcement Recorder ,It has become a movie operation mirror。

The host in the legal education program、police、The voiceover in legal education programs,Merge into the police。

The functions undertaken by the three parties involved are,The types of scams are diverse and diverse。A smart man,Little White Sweet Woman,Diswilling gambling dog。

The functions undertaken by the antagonists in northern Myanmar are,There are diverse and diverse methods of fraud。

What is the logic of a good movie。

Electric fraud is suitable for filming confrontational scenes,You are either the North Burmese villain or the righteous side(Perthane 、Anna、Gu Tianzhi)Repeated competition。

You are either the North Burmese villain and the police repeatedly fighting each other,Having an undercover agent would also make it look good。

Both sides, positive and negative,Evenly matched。

At the beginning, the square is weak,Contralateral strength。Phase 2,The positive side is beginning to experience a reversal in power,Intellectual struggle/Martial arts,whatever。Third stage,The final showdown between the two sides。

in short,Put all your strength into a desperate situation“Strive to showcase fraud”upper,Instead of“Strive to design a competition between positive and negative sides”upper。Phase 2,Pan ShengheAnna'sThe confrontation has disappeared,Because we need to move some space,Show off the line of Gu Tianzhi,NamelyLegal popularization and publicityOn“How Dogs Involved in Fraud: Deep Like the Sea,Is it tragic to have a broken family and a tragic death”。At the third stage,Important clue Liang Anna,It depends onPure Love WarriorObtained through release。Isn't this a children's play。

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