No Tesla Entry in Yueyang Airport Parking Lot,Not even for employees,Call Sentinel Mode or Leakage,Delivery can be temporarily stopped outside the departure hall,How to view this matter?

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Actually, similar things have been happening for years now

It's just that Yueyang Airport made it too obvious to be caught and talked about it this time

For example:China Academy of Engineering Physics,That's the organization that produces nuclear weapons。Don't talk about Tesla anymore,You're not even allowed to bring in foreign brand laptops。But they're very smart and don't officially ban Tesla,There is no such billboard that news media can catch。The Science City where the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located is restricted,If the vehicle enters, it needs to be registered。And then the household card is registered,Filing requires providing vehicle information, but Tesla won't approve it once they see it,This way, it won't leave a voice for the news media。What level of news media in China is still unclear to everyone

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