Sudden appearanceHaproxyRepeated additionX-Forwarded-Forproblem(Attached official solution)

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The general meaning is,I already know how to solve it through configuration,But why option forwardfor This option was not designed and developed as expected by most people,And it's incredibly complicated?

Then directly provide what he thinks is a better development design,For example, using option forwardfor force replace:

http-request del-header x-forwarded-foroption forwardfor

Implement mandatory coverageXFF,For example, using option forwardfor append To replace:

http-request replace-value x-forwarded-for ^ "%[hdr(x-forwarded-for)], %[src]"

Realize oneselfIPAdd address to existingXFFafter。It's obvious,This kind of design is more readable,Better understanding!He also mentioned in the end that,Apache/Nginx/Tomcat/Jetty/F5Wait, it's all about putting oneselfIPAdd address toXFFafter,Are youHaproxyBelieving that the usage rate of these software is not high enough??Spit it out loud and heartwarming,Give another thumbs up to French Beard!

in short,It's really an interesting oneissue,At the same time, it also solves the problem,Friends who discover the same problem can refer to and solve it!

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