Hailiang Education(HLG.US):Year-on-year revenue growth30%,Accelerated release of performance in the post pandemic era

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recently,bibcockK-12Education Group Hailiang Education(HLG.US)Announced2021First quarter performance of the fiscal year。

As of2020year9month30First quarter ending on the day,Hailiang Education achieved operating revenue of2.985RMB100mn(unit:RMB,Same below),Up to year-on-year growth29.8%,Bright growth rate。Under the superposition of scale effects and refined management and cost control,Further Improvement of the Group's Profitability,Due to the impact of the epidemic, some2020The tuition fee for the fiscal year is1Q2021Annual recognition also contributed to a portion of revenue growth。The company's gross profit margin for this fiscal quarter is14.9%,Last year, the same period was-1.5%;The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the company is2690Ten thousand yuan,Turning losses into profits;Earnings per share0.07RMB,And in the same period last year, it was a loss per share0.04RMB。

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