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ShopXONew version of Open Source MalluniappThematic Packaging Tutorial

Source code address





uniappplug-in unit:


1. download HBuilderX tool

HBuilderXSupport plug-in expansion function。AppRelevant plug-ins have been integrated in the development version、Out of the box

Select the corresponding software download according to your computer system,Suggested choiceAPPDevelopment Edition

Download address:






2. Open after downloading and installing the software

It is recommended to directlyuniappPlug in page one click import,Under normal conditionsuniappPlug ins are up to date,You can seegitThe official version of the platform was submitted onuniappBefore plug-in page update date、MeansuniappThe plug-in is also the latest version。If it is not the latest, you can go to the above by yourselfgitAddress platform download package,Drag the source code directory directly after decompression HBuilderX Tools

One click import mode、uniappPlug in Address:



3. Left selected App.vue file

Import the source codeHBuilderXdevelopment tool、Top Toolbar function->Run to Applet Simulator->(Select according to the support platform、as WeChat Developer Tools)

App.vueModified in request_url and static_url You can use the address of your own mall

The theme is yellow by default(yellow),If changing the theme App.vueIn file default_theme + bottomcssintroduce,pages.jsonIn file tabBarCheck icon+selectedColorSelect Color

manifest.json Modify the corresponding terminal configuration in the file,For example, appletappid(Live broadcast of WeChat applet、The recommended configurations for good things are all here, and the comments are automatically removed、Be sure to apply for permission first、Otherwise, the applet is blank)

release、HBuilderXdevelopment tool、Top Toolbar issue->(Select according to the support platform、as WeChat Developer Tools)


Wechat applet:WeChat applet developer tool needs to be downloaded again,open,Set at top-security setting(Open Security)

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