Idle and idle,Analyze how Baidu achieved cancellationrefererKeyword display

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Dear website administrators:

Baidu has achieved full site coveragehttpsturn,stayBATTake the lead in completing full site encryption,To promote network environment security。To further protect user privacy,Prevent third-party eavesdropping and tampering,Baidu has been updated on6month25Date officially cancelledrefererDisplay of keywords in Chinese,Better protection of site traffic, keyword data, and information,Make site data more private。When webmasters need to obtain website traffic keywords,Still usableTraffic and keyword tools provided by Baidu webmaster platformOr search for relevant functions on Baidu statistics。

However, there was nothing significant about itLuse,I don't know who searched for something shameful on Baidu,Hiding keywords, isn't that like taking off your pants and farting?

in addition,Protect site traffic keyword data,I think this is very useful,Some people in the province always look at their websites and articles with a very impressive keyword,And then Ba Ji copied and pasted it。However,This approach still cannot be completely eradicated,for what reason?Because your Baidu also has a Baidu Index function!Others can easily find out whose articles rank first by searching for high index words?But it just increased the level of trouble!

Say something embarrassing,When this announcement first came out,I actually didn't understand what it meant。。。Thinking that clicking on a link from one page and jumping to another page wouldn't result inreferer?This is not scientific!And then I didn't care anymore。。。

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