• Our service tenet

    Provide customers with safer quality、More stable delivery date、More reasonable price and“zero”Risk electronic components

  • Safer quality

    Ensure that each piece of material is genuine,Traceability of goods source,From pre-sales、On sale、Overall quality control of goods after sales。

  • More stable delivery date

    stable、Accurate delivery date,Let the customer not wait、No anxiety,And gradually become systematic、promotion of information technology、Modern logistics system of warehousing。

  • More reasonable price

    Massive data information,Superior source of goods,Avoid price rise due to market factors、Minimize procurement costs。

  • “zero”risk

    For each delivery“0”Risk precipitation,To win customers' long-term trust; delivery“0”risk,It is the passport of long-term cooperation。

  • Industrial control

    The main categories of industrial personal computers are:IPC(PCBus industrial computer)、PLC(Programmable control system)、DCS(Decentralized control system)、FCS(Fieldbus system)andCNC(CNC system)Products composed of five electronic components。

  • Automotive Electronics

    Automotive electronics is the general term of vehicle body electronic control device and vehicle electronic control device。Car body electronic control device,Including engine control system、Chassis control system and body electronic control system(Body electronicsECU)Components used。

  • Photovoltaic energy

    PV energy system generally includes solar cells or modules、Charging and discharging control system(Or including inverter)And load control。Solar cells are based on the principle of photovoltaic effect,Devices that convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy。

  • medical apparatus and instruments

    Medical devices refer to those directly or indirectly used for human body、equipment、appliances、Calibrator、Materials and other similar or related items,medical apparatus and instruments:Trauma disposal vehicle、monitor 、The anesthesia machine、respirator、Hematology analyzer、Differentiation analyzer、Urine analyzer、Ultrasound(Color Doppler ultrasound、BSuperlative)。

  • data communication

    Data communication is a new way of communication that combines communication technology with computer technology。Cable communication、Microwave relay communication、Optical fiber communication、satellite communication、Wired or wireless devices such as mobile communication

  • hi-fi equipment

    Sound equipment is provided by the sound source(Music playing device、Microphone)、control equipment (Analog or digital mixer)、Audio Processor(I used to use effectors、Equalizer、Compressor、Frequency divider、Signal distributor、Peripheral equipment such as time delay device,There is also a digital system controller integrated with the above functions)。

  • Quality assurance

    Strict inspection process,It is the core part of the quality control system。To ensure the supply of genuine components to customers!Every step of our inspection,Can be effectively implemented。

  • Original genuine

    Ensure that each material is complete and traceable,ProvideCOCQuality assurance letter。

  • Quality control process

    Ensure that each material has undergone detailed inspection、Control of the whole testing process,No outflow of defective products,Make customers worry free。

  • Quality objectives

    100%Original genuine,“0”Quality assurance of defects,Delivery means delivery、Be reassured。


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