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Knocking out a slim and gentle long wool dressPoloOne piece lace up knit long skirt with collar

Knocking out a slim and gentle long wool dressPoloOne piece lace up knit long skirt with collar

Knocking out a slim and gentle long wool dressPoloOne piece lace up knit long skirt with collar

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Every full300element,Reducible40Yuan in cash,Maximum deductible40000element

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FILA,Chinese name Fei Le,Created on1911ItalyBiellasmall town,Now a century old sports fashion brandFILAIt is caused byFILAA textile and knitted clothing brand founded by brothers。In the 1970s,To cooperate with diversified development,FILATurning to sportswear,Has successively developed tennis、Golf、body building、skiing、mountaineering、Basketball and other series。

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【brand】Oudan Xueyuan Feng Good Cat Products

【Hanging tag】xueyuanfeng Good Cat Products

【Fabric texture】polyester-cotton blendPatchwork lace  Rear middle zipper Lined (Non professional organization appraisal,Mind if you take pictures with caution)

Good clothes need to be taken good care of,Be sure to hand wash in cold water(Remember not to soak)Twist dry, air dry or dry clean~

【Product color】Physical photography blue Color is difficult to shoot, and small color differences are normal phenomena

【Product size】XS/S/M/L Small high waisted design The chest button is decorative

XSCode size: Hanging length81CM.Chest circumference80Internal fit.waistline63CM.Hip circumference86CM

SCode size: Hanging length82CM.Chest circumference84Internal fit.waistline67CM.Hip circumference90CM

MCode size: Hanging length83CM.Chest circumference88Internal fit.waistline71CM.Hip circumference94CM

LCode size: Hanging length84CM.Chest circumference92Internal fit.waistline75CM.Hip circumference98CM

(The measurement unit isCM,Each person's measurement method is different,The measured dimensional data may include1~3Differences in centimeters,pleaseMMWe understand)

PS:Regular code count,You can choose according to your usual account。Self-cultivationPattern~If the upper body is too large, it can be considered appropriately1Number~The lace stitching at the hem won't be very smooth~

Lace flowers are hand trimmed,Each piece has its own unique and irregular features,Having small thread ends and nodes is a normal phenomenon~Please forgive me, dear ones~

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Screenshot2023-08-14 09.54.10.png

Screenshot2023-08-14 09.54.27.png

Screenshot2023-08-14 09.54.36.png

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