More and more people at work are「Paperless office」,Able to complete work through tablet or computer,Is it necessary to upgrade a paper laptop to an electronic paper or tablet

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Necessary,Very necessary!

Paperless office,As the name suggests, it refers to the use of paper in office work。This is a working method formed in a paperless environment,It is also a reengineered workflow based on informatization and modernization。In hardware、Under the combined force of software and communication networks,People through“paperless”“Depaperization”Can achieve information communication、Complete the office process。

Concepts determine methods and methods,No need for paperless office work、How to maximize its effectiveness,It's not just a technical issue,We still need to put in effort in matching our ideas and systems,Only in this way can we reduce the tedious processes in enterprise operation Reason: The Internet has reduced the tedious process and time waste of document communication by networking office work,Saves various expenses incurred in transmitting paper documents、Labor and time costs。

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