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Hunan beautiful countryside network one week news

hello everyone,Welcome to Hunan Beautiful Countryside Network Weekly News!

celebrate a bumper harvest,The Second Session of Hunan Province“Beautiful Village Health Run”Kick off in Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Dao County, Yongzhou


    Suiwu Fengcheng,Fruitful。9month17Morning of,Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County, with picturesque scenery,Set up a stage between ridges,Take green mountains and green waters as the screen,In the rhythm of local cadres and masses singing and dancing,2021The main venue of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival in Hunan Province, Daoxian Sub venue, and Yongzhou City's celebration of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival were officially held in Guitou Village, Meihua Town, Daoxian County。The Second Session of Hunan Province“Beautiful Village Health Run”Here is also the prelude。Activity site,Running enthusiasts and farmers from all over the province300People's Running Array,Celebrate the birthday by jogging、Welcome a bumper harvest、Running towards modernization。The departure ceremony was presided over by Liang Xianming, Director of the Social Cause Promotion Division of Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Deputy Secretary of the CPC Daoxian County Committee、Welcome Speech by Tang Chaoxue, the County Mayor,Quan Yonghai, the second level inspector of Hunan Rural Revitalization Bureau, delivered a speech,Full time Deputy Director of the Rural Work Leading Group Office of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee、Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs、First class inspector He Lijun announced the official start of the activity。Zhu Hongwu, Secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee、Acting Mayor Chen Ailin,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee、Ai Kezhi, Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission, and other leaders were also invited to participate。Participants set out from the opening ceremony,Walk through the fields in autumn orderly、In the green lotus pond,Stepping on the Changzheng Street of Guitou Village,Via Motianling Bridge、Long March College,Finally arrive at the tourist reception center of Chen Shuxiang Red Cultural Park,Feel the mighty power of Huxiang red culture。They use5.1Kilometers' journey measures the rural beauty of Guitou Village,Fully appreciate this2018Provincial Demonstration Village of Beautiful Countryside in、2021Provincial high-quality products, beautiful villages, demonstration villages, ancient villages,Ancient Post Road and Pastoral Scenery,Experience the achievements of rural residential environment improvement and beautiful rural construction in the campaign。according to the understanding of,This activity was organized by Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs、Jointly held by Hunan Provincial Bureau of Rural Revitalization and Yongzhou Municipal People's Government,Hunan Peasant Sports Association、Yongzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau、Jointly undertaken by Yongzhou Rural Revitalization Bureau and Dao County People's Government,It aims to show the achievements of Hunan's beautiful rural construction in the context of the centennial historical moment of the founding of the Party and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way,Show the spirit of farmers in the new era,Strengthen the fitness awareness of farmers,Assist the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy。Hunan Institute of Beautiful Rural Construction was invited to participate in this activity,The production team of Hunan Rural Network was invited to the scene to report。

Hunan Research Association for the construction of beautiful villages went to Jiahe to investigate the construction of beautiful villages and the work of the Jiahe Office

          9month17Day afternoon,Liu Dashe, Director of Rural Social Undertaking Promotion Division of Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs、Luo Liren, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Hunan Institute of Beautiful Rural Construction、Vice President Wang Tangpan and his delegation were invited to Jiahe County, Chenzhou City,Investigate Guangfa Town、Work of Jiahe Office of the Beautiful Rural Construction and Research Association in Puman Township and other places。Yang Guiyuan, Deputy Director of Chenzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs、Member of the Standing Committee of Jiahe County Party Committee、Publicity Minister Liu Dan and Secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Jiahe County、Accompanied by Director Zhou Ping'an,The group went deep into Baijue Village, Guangfa Town、Shijiaotang Village, Puman Township、Field survey of Leijia Village and Jiahe Office of Hunan Beautiful Rural Construction Research Association,Learn more about local industrial development and beautiful rural construction,On site inspection“Beautiful Village Rice”Product development,Heard the work report of the head of the office in Jiahe。The research team fully affirmed the achievements of agricultural development and beautiful rural construction in Jiahe County in recent years,We hope that the local government will continue to play its advantages according to local conditions,Innovative exploration of a new model for building a beautiful countryside,Planned、Step by step, do all the work carefully,Effectively enhance the people's sense of identity and support in the county;Meanwhile, he praised the recent work of Jiahe Office,Encourage the staff to continue their efforts,Take advantage of the situation,We should focus on strengthening“Beautiful Village Rice”Product brand promotion of,We should continue to help Jiahe's beautiful rural construction to a higher level。

Wu Bo, vice president of Hunan Agricultural University, and his delegation came to Hunan beautiful village construction Research Association for investigation and guidance

         9month16Morning of,Wu Bo, vice president of Hunan Agricultural University, and his delegation came to Hunan beautiful village construction Research Association for investigation and guidance。Wu Bo's Leadership of the Research Association in Party Building、academic research、Highly recognized the achievements in social services,He expects that both sides can make innovations in agricultural science and technology、Strong cooperation in farmer training and promotion of beautiful villages,Jointly make positive contributions to the high-quality development of Hunan's agricultural and rural undertakings。

2021In, the green prevention and control technology training course for major crop diseases and pests was successfully held in Hunan Industrial Trade School

          9month16-17day,Hunan Provincial Plant Protection and Inspection Station entrusted Hunan Industrial and Trade School to hold2021Training Course on Green Prevention and Control Technology of Major Crop Diseases and Pests in the Province in,From the whole province14Director of plant protection and plant inspection stations in cities and prefectures、Deputy Station Master、Agronomists and others84People attended the training。At the opening ceremony,Li Yi, Head of the Provincial Plant Protection and Inspection Station, made a speech,He asked all comrades in plant protection departments to attach great importance to the green prevention and control of crop diseases and pests,Continuously improve the business level of green pest control,All trainees are required to cherish this training opportunity,Study carefully,Learn practical techniques,Ensure effective training。President of Hunan Industrial Trade SchoolKuang Lirong delivers a welcome speech on behalf of the School of Industry and Trade,Introduced the basic situation and characteristics of the school to the students,And wish the students success in their studies,Learn something,Further improve the level of technical ability。according to the understanding of,This training invited8Professors and industry experts with rich teaching experience give lectures to students,Adopt the teaching method of combining theoretical analysis with case study。The training content includes scientific and safe drug use technology,There are also various plant pest control and green control technologies。During training,Each student cherishes this learning opportunity,Listen carefully,Active interaction。They all said,Although the training is short,But the content is substantial,Highly professional、Targeted and practical。Through this training,The students generally reflected that they had improved their professional quality、We have further mastered the green prevention and control technology of major crop diseases and insect pests,It adds skills to better serve agricultural production,Tamp the foundation。

    That's all the news in this issue,Thanks for watching,See you next time!


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