Recruiting fresh graduates,But I couldn't say it the night before I started working,Why is job hunting for fresh graduates so unstable now?

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There will be such feelings,It can only indicate that your recruitment experience is still too shallow,I haven't seen much of it yet。

It's not that fresh graduates are so unstable when looking for jobs nowadays,Take itofferBut he didn't come to report on it。

But rather,At any time,Most people,Especially for fresh graduates,When looking for a job, we always strive to get more copies firstoffer,Then choose the best from them,If none of them are satisfied,So why don't we go anywhere,Preparing for postgraduate or civil service exams at home。

That's why many companies are recruiting,Will utilize various techniques and techniques“induce”Fresh students sign three contracts with themselves,Because besides that,The recruiters don't have much means to constrain job seekers anymore,They just won't come,Can you personally come and bite someone,Or should we directly sue the other party?

So that's why many companies will report on it after the fresh graduates have confirmed it,If you think this fresh graduate is really good,The company is very eager for the other party to join,I will also maintain a very positive interaction with fresh graduates,Stay tuned for the status of fresh graduates at all times,Ensure timely onboarding,If there really is a situation where they may not come,We can also prepare alternative solutions earlier。

Many recruiters have had this experience before,When you really want to hire someone,You will take the initiative to think that the other party won't report on itNReasons,And before the other party comes to handle the onboarding process, they will proactively maintain contact at each node,Effective recruitment“after-sale service”。

Even if the other party reports,I have already completed the onboarding procedures,Many companies also pay close attention to newly hired employees,Ensure smooth passage of the probationary period,And find suitable positions to work for a long time。

Recruitment is always a two-way choice,It's not that the company sent it outoffer,Job seekers acceptedofferYou must come,The rules of the recruitment game are that before a company decides to hire someone,Enterprises are in an absolute advantageous position,Companies don't like or want it,This person will never come,But once the company decides to distributeoffer,This advantage is reversed。

And the players participating in the recruitment game,The first thing to respect,It's just the game rules。

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