Apple press conference Will be on 9 month 12 To be held on a daily basis,iPhone 15 Series to be released soon,What are your expectations for this?

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Based on currently known information,There are several types of regular upgrades:

  • iPhone 15 Carrying A16 processor,iPhone 15 Pro Carrying A17 processor;

  • A17 adopt 3nm Process technology,Single core running score3269,Multi-core scoring 7666,This is also A Series processors catch up for the first time in multi-core performance M1 processor,Multi core performance and MacBook Air M1 Equivalent

  • Routine improvement of screen peak brightness and color;

  • PosteriorThe focal length of the telephoto lens may further increase

  • iPhone 15 Pro Thanks to A17 Performance performance of,MaybeSupport professional shooting mode,Simultaneously possessing 4K 60Frame Movie Mode

  • iPhone 15 Pro of Type-C Possible support for lightning protocol,Convenient high-speed data transmission(By supporting ProRes 422 Format and other productivity tools close to professional film and television creation);

  • iPhone 15 adopt Type-C mouthPossible support for more accessory access,For example, docking stations,Camera card reader,External hard drives, etc;

  • iPhone 15 Adopting a flexible island throughout the entire series;

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